A Veritable Plethora of Hyper-Caffeinated Drivel

I’ve had too much caffeine and we got a new tv and sound system with a kick-arss sub-woofer so I’ve currently a ROCKING OUT YERTTLE WITH TOO MUCH SUGAR AND LOUD NOISES and I’m pretty sure my heart rate is illegal right now so just bear with me while I whip this oooowwwwt.

’tis the season to make those “New Year’s Resolution” thingies. I usually boycott such silliness along with watching The Debates, but since AllTheOtherKidswiththePumpedUpKicks are doing it, I guess I’ll join in. Since there are 12 months in a year and its coming up on 2012 and I was once 12 years old and am no longer wearing size 12 pants, I decided to make 12 resolutions. I may or may not have had 12 cups of coffee today…


1) Run 1 race per month in 2012

So far, I’m signed up for the N+WHM in January and the Bataan Memorial Death March in March (awesome) and the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in April, that just leaves 9 more races to sign up for. I’m hoping I’ll be trained up properly so that I can sign up for the MCM in October. (that one will depend largely on the Husband’s travel schedule…)

2) Photograph at least 1 paying customer/family per month in 2012.

3) Keep on Keeping on with Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers and the people I’ve met through that program have been really good for me. Since it isn’t a “diet”, but a lifestyle, I find that its really become part of the way my brain works. I find it has become an investment. 

4) Do well in school.

5) Don’t wig out during the execution of my FRG Leader duties. Keep calm, balance, and joy.

6) Write a letter, a real one with paper and everything, once a month.

7) Seriously explore becoming a Zumba instructor.

8) Do NOT sign up for any more volunteer activities.

Right now I have FRG, Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Religious Education, and generally helping out at the kids’ school. I need to keep Helium Hand at bay.

9) Write 6 new and original short stories and submit at least 2 for publication.

10) Dress nicer

My usual uniform: jeans, Chucks, button-down shirt. I’d really like to wear more slacks and Oxford-type shoes. Brooks Brothers and Ann Taylor are my secret drool-inducing stores… I currently dress like a Repressed Soccer Mom. I’d like to dress like a Well Dressed Repressed Soccer Mom. (side note: I did succeed in wearing eye-liner and mascara most days with year. Score!)

11) Re-learn to knit.

12) Make 1 Christmas gift every month in 2012 so that I can give all my nearest and dearest something made with love next year. 

So there is it. 12 resolutions. Wish me luck.

I gotta go. The caffeine is wearing off, I need water, and I am crazy-anxious to hear The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” on my new sound system. (walks off while singing loudly and badly, “Whoa, oh-oh…I gotta love that keeps me waitin’. Whoa, oh-oh! I’m a lonely boy! I’m a lonely bo-oy!….”)





4 thoughts on “A Veritable Plethora of Hyper-Caffeinated Drivel

  1. My NYR. Either 1 of 2 would do, but perhaps both would be better:
    1. Stop letting Yert’s blog about how she over-achieves make me feel like such an under-achiever.
    2. Convince Yert to tell and teach me how in the hell she does it all. (Although I guess this would require her to volunteer for yet another thing. Soooo, notsogood.)

    Hmmm ….. Maybe I just need to start drinking coffee? 😉

  2. Great Resolutions!! I just cracked open a Red-Bull, very naughty, very caffinated.

    I totally get the dress better resolution! A year ago I worked in an office and dressed really nice, did my hair and make-up and looked pretty every day.

    Now I opt for flip flops, slippers or uggs, jeans, tee’s and hoodies. They might be comfy and boast designer labels but my self esteem has dwindeled to next to nothing regarding my style. Being a label whore (which I used to really think helped my confidence…blughh) does nothing for me anymore when I am dressing like my teenage son.

    I used to pride myself on my fashion sence. Is it shallow that cared so much about my appearance? I think not, especially now that I’ve turned into a shlup.

    Here is to a New Year and making it fashionable!

    Still wearing my pajamas

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