Changing What We Eat

Well, whoopty-dooo! McDonald’s has taken some of the poison out of their beefish food.

It’s a step in the right direction, I suppose, but the other foot is still firmly planted in Disgusting-ville. I hate McDonald’s, however, being a believer in capitalism, I can only hope that the rest of the universe will jump on my anti-crap bandwagon. Sadly, the fact that the USDA has seen fit to purchase all the meat even Ronald McDonald eschews for our school systems shows how positively misguided (or worse: evil) our food chain has become.

Since I can’t change the world tomorrow (I have a hang nail), I’ve been working on changing this household.

I did a bit of research and with the help of some stellar FaceBook Friends, discovered CarolinaGrown. You can check out their website for details and such, but the important things to note would be local, organic and/or sustainable, and delivered. This coop delivers good food to my door once a week. It’s food that won’t kill us, is in season, non-GMO, and employs local folks. They have beef (seasonally), chickens, eggs, milk, cheese, even breads and veggies; all this comes from within driving distance of my house, instead of shipped across hundreds of miles.

Saying good-bye to dependence on fossil fuels for industrial-sized food production: pricele$$.

We are fortunate to live in a fertile area, however, finding this place took a FaceBook Miracle (thank you, Gerri!). If you’re looking for clean, local food, try looking in:




Spring is coming, so that means Farmer’s Markets will soon be in high gear. See what they’ve got in your neck of the woods; you deserve to meet the folks who put food on your table. If you’re looking for a fun family project or even a biology lesson for homeschoolers, see if your community has a CSA. This is a great way to get your hands all loamy and muddy, meet folks, and try some foods that you may otherwise never have heard about. (thank you FoodieRachel for telling me about this through your wonderful blog!)

As for me, I’m certainly not going vegetarian anytime soon, but I have found that I eat a lot more plants lately. For the first time in memory, I didn’t want to murder someone for a steak during That Time of The Month; I’ve been eating so many spinach salads, kale soups, and Green Machine smoothies that my body was replenished with lots of iron without the steak. We’ve been eating eggs from Carolina Grown (no hormones, sunshine…chicken happiness) and eating organic cheese. If we eat bread, which isn’t often, its fully sprouted stuff that fills us up with one slice. I haven’t purchased beef in over a month because my grass fed, hormone/antibiotic free steer (that I get to pick out and go visit and everything!) isn’t due to be slaughtered (by a local slaughter house with no ties to BigNasty Agribusiness) for two more months.

Also, of note: I’ve cut 2+ minutes off of my mile run time. 🙂 I think Popeye knew what he was talking about with all that spinach…

We still have treats. I still have too much coffee. However, I’m doing my best to buy better food for us. My husband works really hard to earn the money that feeds this family. I feel good knowing that I’m not using that money to make us sick. Money is hard to come by these days…it’s a shame that good, clean food has to be equally as difficult to find.

Do you have any local food gems to share? Cheers!


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