Bust a Move

The last blog entry was total crap and for that, my dear reader(s), I do apologize. There’s nothing like busting out of a funk with a some exercise and the prospect of helping others, so here ya go: a little of both. 🙂

Some good Army friends of mine are running some crazy/insane/painful/fun race and raising money for a great cause while they’re at it. Here’s a link for Wendy‘s page and Dustin‘s page. …let the battle begin! 🙂

Here’s a link for my Fisher House page. Yes, I’ll be signing up for the Marine Corps Marathon, after all. 🙂 Team Fisher House has done some amazing things for our soldiers and their families…I’d like to help and I know you would, too!

The Bataan Memorial Death March is next month. I can’t believe its so close! Time is flying…

By the time I trained for and run the races I’ve already signed up for, I’ll have logged over 600 miles this year. This does not include the Girls on the Run practices or the MWR Track and Field practices that I’m going to coach. …I think its safe to say that I’ll be busy. (but not in a Burger King bathroom. I don’t eat there anymore and The Humpty Dance is not really my bag, anyway…) 

that’s just a random picture of some weird stuff I found in the woods…

If you are in the Fort Bragg area and on your way to experiencing a deployment, check out Yerttography for details on free snaps for your family. …with love, from me to you…

The best way to bust out of a funk is to get moving and do something nice for other people. What are you doing to bust out of your funks?


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