I Wrote You Some Poetry

My dog eats zombies
Pretty but vicious bad breath
No need to worm her
Dr. Seuss was right
I should wear my Gox Box Socks
Frickin cold my toes

Please tell me reasons
After trying and straining
I can’t roll my tongue

Noisy airplanes go
I forgot to eat today
Coffee does not count

Too sleepy for words
Rebelling brain runs
Is the back door locked?

This is the last one
I suck at haiku it’s true
Thank you, please drive through





3 thoughts on “I Wrote You Some Poetry

  1. Shall Seus wear sox on his block for his birthday?

    Rolling thy tongue? It’s all in the genes. Eli can do it. But his other gene contributor can’t.

    Oh. hi-a’ku! You too?

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