Square One. …okay maybe Two or Three

I have not been taking Weight Watchers seriously for quite a while. If WW was a church, it would be safe to say that I’ve back-slidden and forgotten the hymns.

I’m not going to tell you how much weight I’ve gained because it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that my new clothes from Title 9 that I was soooo excited about just barely fit now. My activity level is down, even while training for the Marine Corps marathon.

How can I train for a marathon and still gain weight? By following this easy plan:
1) eat whatever I want while thinking: “I’ll run it off.”
2) don’t track food or activity
3) fail to remember that running 3 miles is only worth 5 points and a second helping of speghetti is worth 13.

Weight loss is achieved by creating a calorie deficit. Even if I ran 10 miles and thus earned 14 points, consuming 42 points (two cookies, some chocolate milk, a hamburger, Grandma’s cake…) will earn me a weight gain. Even I can figure that out.

I’m disappointed in myself, however, I have determined to get my mojo back. I will return to my routine: a meeting every Friday, tracking and measuring, accruing Activity Points every day, drinking water like a fiend, blogging and recording goals… I know the system works; I just have to work the system.

With vacation behind me, FRG duties coming to a head, and school starting soon, I am quickly eliminating my excuse file.

So be prepared. Friday morning I will attend my first meeting in months and the scale will make me cry and I’ll vent again. …but that just means that I have a loss to look forward to next week.

Cheers, all! Here’s to getting my groove back.

2 thoughts on “Square One. …okay maybe Two or Three

  1. I think considering everything you’ve done, this should definitely be at least Square 10 (depending on how many squares there are)! No one can be perfectly disciplined 100% of the time… you’re doing exactly what you should be doing… getting back on that horse and not letting yourself fall prey to what I like to call the “meta-monster,” which, if you’ll bear with the nerdiness, is when you get into the cycle of “feeling bad for feeling bad”—a situation that’s even less useful than “feeling bad” by itself. 🙂 You’re still MY hero! Maybe even MORE my hero because you’re not 100% disciplined all the time, but you always manage to get back to your goals and refuse to give up! 🙂

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