In Which Dr. Suess is Sorely Ashamed of You

A while back I posted a blog entry called “I Don’t Wanna Be Skinny” and it struck a chord with some folks; some chords were good and others…others not so good.

For example: I got a response from a person I’ll call… Person. Person is unhappy with me and my blog…

“I’m sorry, but blogs and post like these really tick me off. I am 27 years old and have 2 children a 7 and soon to be 3 year old. I am one of the unfortunate women who don’t gain weight. 5’2 and 103 lbs. But people like you are the reason why I am out of shape. I know i shouldn’t care what people say but if your constantly being reminded how skinny you are sarcastically you can only imagine what their thinking or saying behind your back. So yeah because of your post (which i found googling if Skinny girls should use Zumba) I am once again reminded that i would only be ridiculed if i step into a gym or a Zumba class. So thank you for being so naive when it comes to weight not all skinny girls want to be skinny!”


I suppose I should be wringing my hands and hanging my head right about now because of how I made this Person feel?

No. I do not feel guilty. In fact, I’m sort of disgusted and angry at this Person’s attitude. Allow me to make my points:

1) I write a blog, not a news site. The heading up there on the front page reads “When My Head Leaks, This is What Comes Out” not “I’ve done extensive research and provided you with 12 non-Wiki resources.” My blog, my opinions. Don’t like it, don’t read it. I’m not some government-funded social hour, requiring me to powder your tax-paying-butt and make you feel special.

2) Person has just given me an uncomfortably large control over her life. She has allowed the opinion of a perfect stranger to keep her from having a good time. In fact, if Person would re-read my post, she’d see that I encourage everyone to try Zumba and then I reference yet another post in which I expound on the glorious variety of body-types enjoying Zumba. Perhaps I should post an entry entitled, “Everyone Born on Tuesday Should Give Me a Dollar!” and then, simply because of the drivel sent out into cyberspace, I’ll become a zillionaire. …probably not, though, because People will fail to read the entire entry and links provided…

3) Person is actively teaching her children to abide by my whimsy and whim. “If anyone on the internet has a poor opinion of your body-type/religion/political view/hair style, you must immediately hide under a rock until you can obtain a written release giving you their leave for your very existence, kids.” Which could otherwise be translated to “forget your own ideas” and “other folks’ opinions about you should define your self-worth” and “don’t ever try anything new”. This is a frightening, nauseating, dangerous, and scandalous mind-set to teach our children.

4) Opinion is not fact. Opinions abound; facts, apparently, do not. One of the great down-falls of our society will be the ignorance of fact for the worship of opinion. (This, of course, is my opinion.)

5) When you put something on the internet, such as a blog entry or a reply to a blog entry, you are opening yourself up to all manner of douche-baggotry and joy. There are those who will “Ah! Yes! Thank You! You’re Marvelous!” and those who will “You Suck! I Hate You! You Made Me Cry!”. The grade-school play-yard has simply gone electronic… “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue…” “You Have Cooties…” “He Says He’ll Never Sit With You…” “I’ll Be Han Solo, You Be Chewbacca…” It’s all the same, you know, only now, we have to hope that our fellow playmates can at least spell correctly and know the difference between your, you’re, there, they’re, and their.

6) Seriously, who cares what others think?? Honestly??  My best friend’s husband runs marathons and ultra-marathons. Bald-Headed. Barefooted. Wearing a kilt. (just…think about that image for a mo’) Imagine all the joy the world would miss out on if BareFootJim just…wore shoes and shorts? What joy is Person keeping from the world because she cares so incredibly much what the world thinks?

Here’s my response to Person:

  • Thanks for your comment. (really.) And yes, I am sarcastic and naive and sometimes (often, actually) not very nice at all. Am I the majority? Nope. Are there skinny girls out there doing Zumba and dancing circles around my fat arss? You betcha. So screw what others (I) think about you and your scrawny butt. Dance your heart out. Have a good time! Remember this, though: if my fat butt can line up to run a marathon and get nasty looks for even dreaming of a finisher’s medal (I have two medals for a full marathon and 8 for halves) you can get your bones out on a dance floor. Allowing someone like myself, whom you’ve never met, to determine your fitness (life expectancy and quality) is suicide by proxy and lazy.

    Suck it up and dance.”

    …there you have it. There are Star-Bellied Sneetches and those with small breetches and those that cry in the weeds. Be happy with yourself, though you have the ears of an elf, and my opinion you’ll never need.

    my contribution to the sea of fluff and pink

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