Jolly Good Food


I loves me some Jamie Oliver.


One appreciates the culinary applications and general happiness that exude from the books of Jamie Oliver.

Last weekend I made a proper English Breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, toast, and baked beans. I couldn’t find any black pudding at the grocery store, so perhaps I should omit the proper in the English Breakfast. Anyway, it was delicious.


I followed the recipe in Jamie’s book, piling the eggs, cooked bacon and sausage, and tomatoes in my largest AllClad pan.

(it’s the great big one on the bottom: 16″ of shiny, aluminum goodness.)

The kids and the Husband loved it, so I’ll be sure to make it again. …on a day when we’ve got lots to do and need lots of heavy, protein-filled calories.

This time of year makes me want to be in the kitchen. My cookbooks get quite a work-out as the days get shorter and cooler; the warm scent of baking bread, or simmering cinnamon, or braising meat seems to be magnified by chilly afternoons.


I was going to blog about my favorite cook book, but I can’t pick. My cookbooks are like old, comfortable teachers, each offering unique voices and experiences. Julia, Anthony, Amanda, Thomas, Michel, Ina, Mario, Irma…

I loves me some Fall.


One enjoys the additional time afforded by the seasonal tilting of the Earth resulting in Autumn.



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