Marine Corps Marathon Weekend, Day 1


Last night we travelled to DC for the Marine Corps Marathon. We’re staying with my friend Kim, who is also running the race with me. (thanks, Kim!)

This morning, we picked up our packets and headed to the expo. The line to enter the expo was really long, but the Marines and other safety officials kept things moving along at a nice clip.

Since I’m running with Team Fisher House, I got some extra goodies:


…and this sweet jacket for raising $500:


Here’s some of the other swag for the marathon:






The timing chips are now on the back of the bibs, which I know helps cut down on cost and waste, but I surely do miss those little shoe chips… I always freak out a little on race morning because I think I’ve forgotten something without that chip on my foot.

I met Ray at the expo. Ray is also known as The Flag Man, as he carries an American Flag through the whole race, offering support and encouragement to the slowest runners (me). He hangs toward the back, letting people carry the flag; he passes the flag to the very last runner, allowing them the honor of carrying The Colors across the finish line.

He gave me some good pointers, a hug, and told me to smile as I pass him on the course. …the thought of me passing anyone on the course makes me chuckle… Anyway, turns out, Ray is famous!


He was so very, very encouraging. I’ve not met very many cranky runners, mind you, but Ray surely is special. I hope to see him on the course, get a high-five, and maybe carry The Colors for a step or two.

Tomorrow is some light sight-seeing, then the Pasta Dining Out. …more photos to come!


Me and Kim

(My friend Dacia over at Run.Ride.Repeat. wrote me the sweetest blog post EVER. Seriously.)

2 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon Weekend, Day 1

  1. Love you girl! My hoooommmmeeeeee! Please make sure to take it easy tomorrow.

    Good luck! I know you are going to kick some serious MCM booty!

  2. I know you can do it! You’re such an awesome person friend mother and wife; besides I and know how fast those Yerttle legs can move! (With a mobb of flesh eating Zombies behind you!)

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