Marine Corps Marathon Weekend, Day #2

Today was a sweet day to be in DC. The leaves are gorgeous and colorful, the weather was cool and breezy, and everyone we met seemed to be in a cheerful, Saturday sort of mood.


Kim’s hubby Scott made some breakfast for us (yum!) and then our little family was off to town to see the sights. First: The Smithsonian Spacey Museumy Place.


I loved it! Here are some mobile snaps:





^ that’s a space potty. (insert childish giggle here)

We rode the metro, had some vanilla shakes, then it was time for the Pasta Dinner. Here are some snaps from that:



Scott actually won a SuperSized Goody Bag! Look at all the swag:



Included in all that goodness is a free pair of Brooks shoes (that he gave me), an oil change, a Prior Life bag (that he also gave me), gift certificates, free pizza, a book, and assorted freebies.

Kim was interviewed by the Combat Camera team out of Quantico, so she’s famous!

I got to meet Amby Burfoot!! Eeeeek!!


The highlight/best part of everything, though, is that my husband is here with me. It means the world to me that he’s here and being so supportive.

supportive a word which here means “to rub feet and shoulders at every turn and to keep the children happy and occupied. Also includes smiles, pep talk, and hand-holding”

My gear is all set:


So…good night, world. Good night, moon. Good night, porta potties, waiting in the wind. Good night, Capitol. Good night, Finish Line… I’ll see you soon…



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