Shut Up About Patraeus

David Patraeus had an affair. Okay. Aside from the soul-crushing betrayal he inflicted upon his wife and family, how, exactly, does that effect me? Why do I care what David P. does with his man-bits?

I care because if he can’t keep one simple promise to his wife, how can he hope to keep promises to the multitude of American citizens? If he can’t keep his pecker in his pants, it stands to reason that same mental/moral deficiency limits his ability to keep his secret-carrying mouth shut.

(disclaimer: I can’t be trusted with M&ms or a credit card, therefore I shall never ask to be trusted with the lives of ga-jillions of people.)

Now that the news is out, though, I’m tired of hearing about the emotions and motions behind the act(s). I want to hear facts about whether or not David did his job vis a vis those four (more?) dead Americans in Libya. I only care about his tryst in as far as it pertains to American interests.

Eisenhower may or may not have actually had a physical affair with Kate Sommersby, but he certainly strayed emotionally; so much so that Mamie Eisenhower was driven slightly mad and to the bottle. Eisenhower liberated Europe while carrying on with Kate, then was later elected President twice. Rumors of an affair obviously didn’t hinder his prospects of success because he did his job.

What happened while Patraeus was carrying on with WhatsHerName?



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