A couple of Christmases ago, my Sistah by Anuthah Mistah (LaToya) taught me to knit. It was great, all snuggled up on her mammoth couch, the kids playing, snow falling, spending time with her. I told her that every time I knit for the rest of my life I’d think of her. I bought yarn and needles and set about becoming a proper knitting fool.

And then I got back home and forgot how to knit.

And then almost two years passed.

My neighbor, Liz, is super crafty. Check out her fabulous blog here. It’s way more organized and useful than mine. Anyway, Liz knits. She was knitting and it gave me the bug and now I’m knitting again, too.

Here are some of the YouTube videos that helped me to remember the things Toy showed me two years ago:

how to knit: the basics

how to knit: the purl stitch

how to knit a scarf

Super helpful videos!!

So here’s what I’m working on:


^^^^ this is a scarf for Boy#1. I started this before I watched the video on the purl stitch and scarf-making.



But I’m mostly excited about this:



^^^^ yep. A Gryffindor scarf.

I know…my Nerd is showing. I don’t care. (I’m also going to make Hogwarts cloaks for us for next Halloween. I got Gryffindor patches at Universal. Eeeeek!!)

I have no words of wisdom to impart about knitting, as I’m such a Noob. I will say this, however:

Knitting Needles can totally take out a zombie. (and the wooden ones can be used to stake vampires!) Any tool that can make warm stuff and nets and wipe out the undead?? Gotta keep those bad boys handy.




2 thoughts on “Beginning Knitting

  1. Yeah so happy to see you knitting! Thay fuzzy stuff is a pain some times. Looking good; I currently have 4u projects going wish me luck!

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