Summer in January

My husband was deployed last summer and if it weren’t for my kids, my brother, and my friends, life would’ve been super stinky on my end. My friends and I hugged, prayed, and cried through I.E.D., mortar, and firefight reports. Because we were all FRG leaders at the time, we could commiserate about volunteers, spastic spouses, and the glacial pace of the postal system down range. We clung to one another (and Levi’s spinach-artichoke dip!) for support and to feel a little less insane.


There were many summer evenings, though, when life seemed sweet. After a Skype call or promotion or letter, the stars seemed a little brighter and we didn’t feel quite so guilty about enjoying their beauty.

What follows is a very popular recipe for a summer time beverage. I saved some of the Goodness in ice cube trays wrapped in plastic wrap, of course, so it wouldn’t sublime away. Our husbands are home now, our marriages whole, our children happy… It seems like a good day to bust out the bubbly and remember the best of times, the worst of times, and the joy that goes with love’s successful return.




(also, I need the ice cube trays for juiced beets. Yum?…)



Summer Wine Spritzer

raspberries, strawberries, and diced mangos are all tasty alternatives!
raspberries, strawberries, and diced mangos are all tasty alternatives!

1 large bottle of Moscato wine (chilled)
1 ltr Sprite or 7up (chilled )
2-3c seasonal frozen or fresh fruit

Mix it all up, serve it over ice, and smile at your good fortune.




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