T-Shirt Quilt day 984


I started a t-shirt quilt for my husband about 3 years ago. That means for three years I’ve been practicing for an episode of Quilting Hoarders and not throwing anything away. Skulking, gathering, “my precious”ing all the scraps that might possibly maybe somehow someday be squeezed into something remotely crafty.

We will eventually be PCSing to Somewhere Else, which means I’m doing the PrePCS Purge (P3. PPP.); while trying to clean closets, I kept finding stacks and stacks of old shirts. “What the heck?!”, I said. “Quilt. Remember?”, Self responded. “Oh, yeeeaaaaahhhh…”, I replied. Me, myself, and I decided that the quickest way to thin the stacks was to use them for their intended purpose: a quilt.




I didn’t start listening to tunes until the last two rows. I jammed to Dropkick Murphys newest (“The booooys are back!! The booooys are back!! The boooys are back and they’re lookin’ for trouble!”) and also this little jewel:


She’s sort of a mixture of Amy Winehouse/Adele/Billy Holiday meets Maroon 5 meets …I dunno…country jazzy rockishness. (also, sewing along to Dropkick Murphys will net you some seriously fast and questionably straight seamage.)

Her Ladyship assisted.


Today concluded with all the rows being completed and my carpet full of tiny thread corpses.


Tomorrow: I get to cut yards and yards of material on the bias, but with any luck I’ll get this quilt done before the Apocalypse. Or maybe just next Winter.


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