Barefoot in the Sun

Sometimes when I’m very, very lucky, the sun comes out in January and heats my neighborhood into the 70’s.


When that happens, this happens:


…and because of the shoes being off during my run, this happens:


…and then my neighbors look at me like this:


And that’s okay. Because if they knew what I was drinking after my run, they’d probably keep their noses permanently out of joint. 🙂


Summer in January Post-Run Drinky Poo

Water, ice, 1/2 tsp coconut extract, herbal tea,

And chia seeds


some crazy fools probably just drink their chia seeds with plain water or craptasticly chemically-laden sports drinks, but if the sun is out in January, my friend…I require some oomph and bribery to make my brain last until May. 🙂

Do your own research re: chia seeds, and when you discover how fabulous they are and you decide you want to have some in a drink, try the above mixture. Shake it all up, sip it all up, and imagine how good you’ll look and feel after all that barefoot running you did when the weather was drunk in January.


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