Happy Early Birthday and an Idea

The Love of My Life gave me an early birthday present today!


I’m super excited!! I really like Thomas Keller’s books and the style in which he explains his recipes.

My idea: this coming week, I’ll make a different dish of Mr Keller’s for dinner each night, accompanied by a dessert.

Also, I’ll need to run about 4,000 miles to avoid the resulting weight gain; my other idea is to run two miles every other day, three miles on the off days, and do a long trail run next weekend (we’ll be traveling…this could prove tricky).

I signed up for my very first trail race! Because I’m a reasonable girl, I made sure to make my first trail race a manageable distance: a half marathon. 🙂 (There needs to be a sarcasm font for that last sentence.) The Owl’s Roost

Here’s to a week of fun cooking and running! 🙂



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