I did Koolaconchagain, but this time with a friend and no ruck.


See where the road ends awaaaaaaaayyyyyy back yonder in that itty-bitty thread of white? Yup. That’s close to where we started.

…and we saw this about halfway up the hill:


Quote of the day: “Naw, it’s all good. The TC is a SFC, so we’re not the ones in trouble.” also, “I brought toilet paper!” and “I worked in retail for 12 years, I can hold it a while.” -the soldiers who were guarding the sunken truck.

Mud mud mud mud
Mud! 🙂


…2 miles in, two miles out, about an hour. (shout out to Wes, again, as we used the trail you showed me last year and a shout out to Melissa B who was my emergency contact du jour.)

😀 Cheers!


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