Quilting and Tolkien

In which I bastardize Tolkien but giggle anyway…


I have pinned The Three Layers in the Middle Hallway.
One blanket to cover them all,
A million Pins to hold them.

A quilt to shun the frigid air (conditioner)
Three layers to keep the warmth
(fleece so that I won’t itch too much when I really should shave my Hobbit-looking legs.)
The needle and thread from Lobby of Hobbies (whose heart can be turned by my debit card) has pierced the sandwich Cotton.
One blanket roll to rule them all and
a gazillion yards cut on the bias to bind them.


The quilt will soon ensnare a new master, someone who has been waiting for two thousand years (or 4. whatever) and who had believed this project to have passed out of all knowledge. His patience shall be rewarded by great power and the ability to machine wash but lay flat to dry but not in direct sunlight and also don’t fold it but rather roll it up so as to avoid permanently damaging the guts.

The One Quilt will be complete soon. Like in another week or two.

Okay, maybe three.


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