Ouch and Raspberries

Went for a little outing today with the family…around 4 miles or so down dirt roads. My ankle still hurts from yesterday’s fall and my left hand is swollen. I finally managed to remove my wedding set with some soap, tears, and 4 new swear words invented just for the occasion. Tomorrow, I’ll probably get an X-ray.

Adding insult to injury, my allergies have decided to throw a party in my facial sinuses. I am now leaking mucus and require a t-shirt that says WikiSnot. If it’s true that we lose 100 brain cells every time we sneeze, I will be safe from zombies, ‘cuz I ain’t got none left.

I am a limping, swelling, snotting, sneezing, grouchy mess. Snow White would name me Screwed and wouldn’t ever sing to me.

…which is fine, because I really didn’t like Snow White or her stupid singety sing songs, anyways.

But here’s a pretty picture taken on my run today. Enjoy the view! I’m going to bed with an ice pack and that issue of Runner’s World that promises an injury-free running season. …lying liar faces.



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