No Amputation Required

Well, this is new…I’m posting from my Nook. I had no idea I could do that…

(here’s a link to a book give away and a post you need to read in a minute)

I did a 5k this morning. A 5k isn’t usually much to blog about, however, this one was special because it was my friend’s first road race ever. Ever. Ever. For me, it was a chance to test out an injured ankle; being there with Michaela, though, I got to see the usual with fresh eyes.

Since it was a fun run, there were no bibs but plenty of strollers, dogs, and even some bikes. Mass chaos. Mass happy, buzzy, smiley, chatty chaos. “Everyone is so happy,” Michaela observed. My usual quip is, “Well, everyone paid to be here. Of course they’re happy.” But this was free. Nobody paid.

We all wanted to be there, though. We all got out of bed in 30 something degree rain and lined up. All of us…the dogs and the kids (okay, they maybe didn’t want to be there.) This made me remember: runners are pretty much a cheerful bunch. I was cheerful. I was cold and worried about my ankle, but even I was grinning.


(Random photo from my Nook…isn’t it pretty?)

Then we were off, trying to make our way around the strollers (I started us too far back.) and the walkers and the dogs who were jumping around like lemurs. We quickly found a groovy pace together. Michaela has done a really good job of training so we were going at a steady pace, waving at her husband and daughter, smiling. This made me remember all the “go mommy!” signs my kids have made over the years. I still have them all, of course.

She walked with me when my ankle needed a stretch, but I didn’t want to hold her back on her first race, so I sent her on. Because Michaela is a nice person, she was worried about leaving me behind. She didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I assured her that I would love her more for finishing ahead of me and she was off. Her bright pink shirt and cornsilk blonde ponytail bounced away…confident…strong.

We had a great run, both of us. She was all smiles at her accomplishment and I was happy that amputation wasn’t necessary. Michaela has her whole running and racing career ahead of her and I get to continue mine.

God bless the 5k.

here’s that link again; stop stalling and read it so you can win a book. Now.)


A picture of Spock. Because why not.

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