Easter Triduum Checklist or How I Need Rollerskates

Last Sunday: Sunday School for the kids at 1100, rehearsal for all of us at 1500, coordinated 1700 Mass.

Last night: rehearsal for Easter Vigil until 2130.

Tonight: Holy Thursday. I am reading, my daughter is an altar server, my husband and one son are getting their feet washed. Set up for Friday. Perpetual Adoration.

Friday: Good Friday. A vet appointment. Kids out of school. Fundraising. Rosary. Reflection. Service at 1800.

Saturday: Holy Saturday. Boy Scout Hike in the morning. Shopping. Meal prep. Easter Bunny Prep. Mass at 2100. Pass out candles. Read. Usher. Lights. 7 Baptisms!! Yay!!

Sunday: Easter.

Easter… ((breathe))…Easter…

The Eternal Work of the universe is done, complete with the Salvation of mankind. We will celebrate that He is Risen! I will rejoice!

This Easter Sunday, after the chocolate and food, after 1700 mass, I will go for a run. I will run to feel my legs and my breath and be grateful for my Savior’s gifts to me.

I will run to celebrate and rejoice and be calm.

Happy Easter Triduum, my friends. Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, you are loved and I will say a prayer for us all.



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