New Games

Doctor Who pretty much owns our TV right now. The kids love the show; I’m also harboring a slightly unheathly obsession with all things TARDIS…


This edition of Monopoly requires a British accent, however, and expletives like “Fantastic!” and “Geronimo!” and “Allons-y!” (for when people are taking too long to decide whether or not to buy a house or hotel…) make it sillier.


Instead of rail roads, you collect different versions of the TARDIS. The game pieces include celery, a bow tie, and an umbrella stand… Also, I landed on Free Parking for the first time in an Ood’s age, so I super love this version of the game.



Our family has taken up a couple of new sports: hurling and Gaelic football. I don’t know enough about them to give you details, but I’ll say this: awesome!

Hurling involves sticks (hurls) and running and balls (sliotars) and bruised hands. (I didn’t know the palm of my hand could bruise. I now know my hand is capable of hosting a rainbow of colors and pain ..) The football involves running and kicking and general sweatiness. The whole thing is a ridiculous amount of fun and everyone on the team is so nice! Most of the team is fresh off the boat Irish, a few Brits, a Scotsman or two, and the odd American. So far, there’s only 2 girls on the team; the female version of hurling is camogie, but it’s almost exactly the same.


So between Scouts, tutors, church, hurling, training for future races, and general Mom Stuff, I tend to sleep pretty well lately. …even Her Ladyship enjoys her naps more.


The big sewing news is that the t-shirt quilt may get finished sometime before I’m 90. The binding is pressed and waiting to be pinned:

I rolled it around my foam roller to keep it from creasing. Also, I hate my foam roller and I really enjoyed sticking it with pins. (Now it knows how my ITBs feel.)

Random fun: when you microwave a marshmallow, they puff up:



Happy…whatever it is you do! Sports or quilting or poking things with sticks. 🙂

20130505-004627.jpg …Geronimo!

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