An Ode to my Running Homies

My favorite quote ever is from Rudyard Kipling:
-If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds’ worth of distance run, yours is the Earth and all that’s in it, and what’s more, you’ll be a man, my son.

The Idiot’s Running Club. They’re like…like fit, zany Yoda’s spreading smiles and lunacy throughout the running community. Why Yoda? …well…because there are epic adventures and unforgettable quips that are endlessly quotable.

“Run. Smile. Drink Water. Don’t Die.”

…also, many Idiots are bald, have over-large ears, and more than a few have demonstrated questionable fashion sense. I”ll have to check to see if any of us are green Jedi masters.


To be an Idiot, one mustn’t take themselves too seriously, always smile while out for a run, and generally have a good time. There are stories of IRC members having legendary running adventures, but most are so silly, I think Mr Bean must surely be making a movie about us. (Running into a deer on a trail. Honestly!) Many Idiots raise money for charities or race for causes; as far as I know, there aren’t any evil Idiots. (at least, I’ve never encountered them. I think Mr Wilson would frown stoutly at evil…) first trail run ever ever ever.
…my first trail run ever ever ever.

Why “Idiots”? To loosely quote the Head Dude, it’s because we’ve all been called an idiot for running at one point or another. “You’re running in the rain?” “You’re running how far? On purpose?” “Man, I don’t drive as far as you’re running.” “Why do you pay to run for a t-shirt?” We’re taking the world’s incomprehension of our sport and turning into an empowering joke. Yep, we’re Idiots. …where’s the cookies?

I’ve only met 2 Idiots in real life; the rest I know through FaceBook and the Great April Fool’s Day Gift Exchange. It doesn’t matter that I’ve never met them in person, though; I know these folks because they are me. There are Idiots all over the world and I know that wherever I go, if there’s an Idiot nearby, I am not alone. I’ll always have a running buddy. …and possibly the use of their bathroom.

Runners are like that, though, aren’t we? There’s my buddy Dacia over at Run.Ride.Repeat.  …never met the girl, but I love her! And Melissa at Running Momma’s Runway. And David at Run Like a Mug. And the guy over at Make it Fun for Thumbs. And this crazy guy at Rock Farm Knives. Once a person becomes a runner, they have family all over the world. We may not speak the same language, but we all understand shin splints and dehydration and sweat.

If you are a runner and you are willing to have a good time with your sport, if you can laugh at your mistakes and rejoice in the victories of others, you should check out Idiot’s Running Club We’re good, silly folk who have giant hearts, even if our brains aren’t always engaged.

-ti on trid emos bur
(rub some dirt on it)



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