Kick Rocks

Her Ladyship and I went for a run tonight. There was a nice breeze, lots of toads

and many people out on front porches. Some of the people would wave back at me, some looked on with puzzled expressions, and one group was down right mean…

I live in military housing, which means all my neighbors are service members and their families. Running at night (my habit) means that I see and hear quite a bit of … humanity’s extremes. I’ve seen surprise home coming hugs, surprise home coming fights, wives holding a phone and crying, and I’ve heard all manner of conversations people have in the dark. I pretend not to hear, keeping my eyes forward; I listen always, though. I listen out of curiosity and I listen for danger. The nicer the weather, the more opportunities there are for folks to be outside.

There was a group of 7 women on a porch. I could smell the cigarette smoke long before I saw or heard them. I smiled. I waved. I heard, “I like your dog! What kind is it?”

Ask me about me dog and I’ll talk your ear off. So I stopped running and sang the praises of the local Pound Puppies. Maggie sat and smiled. Then I heard, “You know you’re too fat to be out here, right?” …laughter…loud laughter…

Okay… This came from a group circled around the carcass of an RC cola case, cigarettes, and had their plumber’s cracks shining in the lamplight. Also, I’m no barbie doll, but dang…

I said, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” and turned to go.

I heard, “Stuck up officer’s-wife-bitch! You and your pearl earrings! Keep running, dumbass!” I turned back and said, “Enjoy the spoils of your evening, ladies.” and curtsied. (yep…an honest-to-goodness curtsy that I could pull off because I happened to be wearing a running skirt.)

Maggie, to her everlasting credit, growled at them. I heard vague threats about Animal Control and pepper spray… I didn’t hear them long, though, as I happened to be going at a pretty nice little pace, if I do say so.

Why are women so mean? I wasn’t bothering them. I wasn’t trying to convert them. I was enjoying a run with my dog, thinking about an upcoming trip to the beach.

I am an officer’s wife, but I’d like to think I’m not stuck up about it. It’s his rank, not mine. I do run with pearl earrings, though. All runs. Training runs, races, trail runs, marathons… I wear them to remind me that I am a lady, I am not a quitter, I have a husband who believes in me, and I am an example to those around me. I wear my pearls for my fellow army wives…

…I wear my pearls for those mean-y faces who hurt my feelings.

My dad has a million sayings; he should write a book. The one that came to mind tonight is “Kick rocks, sweet heart. You’re burning’ daylight.”

kick rocks :get a move on; start walking; do your job.
burnin’ daylight :wasting time.

So there it is. Kick rocks.

I think about those sad, angry women and I’m glad I met them when I was sweating and smiling from effort. I’m glad I met them at mile 3.5 and my eyebrows were crunchy with salt. I’m glad I met them with my happy, healthy dog at my side.

I’m glad I met them while I was kickin’ rocks.



9 thoughts on “Kick Rocks

  1. Are you serious? Surely . . .
    I mean, where does the bullying stop?
    Wonder if they’d had those kinds of balls if there had only been one of them?
    I am SO effing mad right now!!!
    Can’t. Even. Talk.

    1. I thought about getting ugly with them, I really did. …there was a voice in my head practically screaming at me saying, “Not a good thing to do.” so I kept going… These women were some of the most classless humans I’ve encountered in a long time; the kind who bring shame on the title of Army Wife. …it’s okay…I got to come home and cuddle. 🙂

  2. This makes me want to kick rocks AT them. We’re supposed to be helping each other and buildng our relationships and for somebody to outright say something like that to your mug is just so friggin elementary…not even..more like trailer park. ❤ keep on keeping on!

  3. Wow you handled that like a true lady. I can not believe that grown women actually said those things to you and while I do not know you I have seen a picture of you through your blog and you are in no way fat, far from it!

  4. I’ve definitely experienced this from complete strangers. When I did running drills in my apartment complex, the teenage boys yelled, “Who’s the retard in the parking lot?” I took to running after dark to avoid this. I’ve had people yell criticisms about my body shape and appearance as they drive by me running on the road. Most of these people are women, and that shocks me. Why would women do this to one another?

    1. I think insecurity and jealousy make us so ugly toward one another. Our society screams at us to be perfect: work all day, homeschool the kids, PinterestPerfect house, happy husband, millions in savings, saving the Earth, workout all day, eat organic veg… When the masses see others succeeding, no matter how minor, the instinct is to hold them back…because if we all suck the same then no one can feel superior/inferior. ((sigh)) I wish we could all learn (myself included!) to rejoice in the success of others better. Another’s success doesn’t take anything away from my own accomplishments…

      These women have issues. Lots of them. I was an easy, anonymous target, that’s all.

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