Kickin’ Rocks

I posted a while back about some females who weren’t very nice at all. I gave myself a pep-talk and just carried on.

In retrospect, I should probably find those girls and tell them thanks. They lit a fire under my butt; they also inspired me…


…to order this little gem…


…from the fine folks at Spiffing Jewelry. I’ve ordered a pant load of stuff from them and have never been dissatisfied. Check them out; if you decide to order something, tell them I said ‘greetings, fellow humans!’

Anyway, I love my new bracelet. When I read the words I hear my dad’s voice. I hear his Texas drawl, I see his blue eyes, and smell the oil field/lake water/Budweiser scent that seems to emanate from his pores. I remember all the times we got up at 3am to fish, all the west Texas sunrises, all his laughter. …I hear him telling me..

“Kick rocks, Sweetheart. You’re burnin’ daylight.” (pronounced daylat, as only my father and George W Bush can…)

I signed on with a coach at PRSFit and its one of the best investments i have ever made in myself. This past month I’ve run more miles than I’ve ever run in one month. I’ve also ridden my bike, done strength training, and core work. I feel athletic, happy. I’m preparing to PCS again, so there’s been some serious purging of stuff. I’m house hunting, school hunting, and even managing some sewing projects. I’ve been busy. I’ve been kickin’ rocks. I have a ten mile race on Thursday…


I think will go tell those hateful girls thank you. 🙂


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