Army 10 Miler Recap


Today is the anniversary of the D-Day Invasions of the Normandy coast during WWII. Fitting, perhaps, that the Fort Bragg Army Birthday 10 Miler was today.

things that Went Wrong
1) three hours of sleep
2) head ache
3) upset stomach caused by headache meds

Things that Went Right
…everything else. 🙂

I had to hit the porta-potty pretty quick (ha! Say that 3x fast…) leaving my friend Michaela to carry on alone. I wanted to be sure I could meet her at the end, but I’d spent so long in the loo there was little chance I’d catch up. At mile 3.5/4, I officially withdrew from the race so that I could double back and wait for her.

I waited for her, she did great, and she finished in a great time. And, while not official because I withdrew from the race, I pr’d for 10 miles! And I have no blisters. And I’m not sore!


Thanks to my amazing neighbor for watching the kids, my coach for listening to me gripe and still cheering me on, my hubby for loving me, and just…

wow…a PR… Thanks for all the prayers!

(and now for some chocolate…)



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