T-shirt Quilt Revisited


It’s done!

It’s actually been finished for a while and I’ve made a couple of blankets since, but I got busy and forgot to blog about it.

…because I know you guys just live to read about what I do.

Here’s my signature Franken-corner:


I’ve since learned how to do proper corners thanks to YouTube, but proper corners aren’t fun, so…No photos. And the one with proper corners is on its way to a friend, so maybe when he gets it, he’ll share his non-Franken-corners.


I’m making another quilt and there are several “tech” shirts involved…that will prove to be an adventure.

Side note: I have no races scheduled on my calendar. It’s weird. And oddly…freeing. I’m actually training harder with no scheduled deadline; coach says its because I have a self-defeatist psyche that I have to work through.


Positive talk for the day: I will successfully fold all the laundry and drink at least a gallon an a half of water.



4 thoughts on “T-shirt Quilt Revisited

  1. Great! I’ve been keeping t shirts forever, not doing anything with them but not sure what to do. I didn’t know a quilt could actually work with this kind of material.

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