Germany, Day 1

Our adventures began so incredibly long ago that I can’t really remember the beginning.

Oh. Wait. It was 4 days ago and we started at my friend Kim’s house.

How we began and all the wonderful people who’ve helped us is another blog entry. (Wow!! there are a lot of people who are helping make this trip so great!) This post is about this photo:


It is not staged or posed. My 8 year old is in fact asleep on the hotel steps while the 4 year old whines about…whatever and the tween whines about the whining 4 year old.

Today we saw some of Germany. We flew here on a Space Available flight, so we are very blessed. Our plane was a C5 Galaxy: Noisy. Cold. Uncomfortable. For 8 hours the kids flew.


That dark and indecipherable photo ^^ is my 4 year old asleep on the floor of a C5 Galaxy. Before we got on the plane, we spent days in the car and waiting at airports. They played at USO’s and made instant friends wherever we went. They have been troopers, for sure.

So after jet lag, and hurting ear-drums, and losing apple fritters to a fountain, and crowding into busy buses, they just met their limit. They spoke to German folk and ate German food and dealt with tired parents.

So…yeah. They earned some whining time.


…tomorrow: the train! 🙂







One thought on “Germany, Day 1

  1. Awwwww, they do look supper tired & irritated. But it well worth it, once they get older and look back. They’ll look back and be glad they did it. Tell them I love them!!!
    Uncle Wevi

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