Germany, day 2


We slept in this morning and headed to the train station. I bought a croissant and coffee (in German! …sort of) and we settled in for a two hour train ride to Heidelberg. (side note: German trains don’t waste money on frivolous things like air conditioning. The mid-day sun through the windows was brutal.)

I. Love. Heidelberg.


We stopped at the Tourist Information Center just outside the train station and got excellent advice and directions. We walked to a grocery store and bought fruit, baguettes, cheese, and water.


After a picnic and a game of tag, we headed for a castle.

(random photobomb…)

Here are a bunch of photos of the castle and views from the castle. Also, there’s an apothecary museum inside the castle, so…





^^^Eye Rolling Lions. There should be more of these in the world.










We met a student named Moritz who was drawing the castle:


…and then we visited the town just outside the castle and ate over-priced tiramisu. (wert, wert, wert…)




And this was one of the coolest things ever


…people write their initials on a lock, secure the lock to iron loops on the bridge over the river, and throw the key into the river below. This action, says the legend, will forever lock the lovers’ hearts as one and they will never part.

Bolt cutters and determined fishermen aside, that’s pretty nifty. 🙂

And now it’s 0320 local time and I am working on laundry. We’re going to stay with a friend in southern Germany tomorrow later today. Mom stuff still has to be done, yo.

(yawn) Happy travels!

Travel Notes So Far:
* kids will whine. there is no stopping this.
* kids love parks and getting dirty, even in foreign countries. this slows down the whining a little, but not much.
* local grocery stores are a must. €18 fed all of us and we have plenty of fruit for tomorrow.
* locals are nice! attempt to speak the language and they’ll more than meet you in the middle.
* toilets are not free.
* nothing is free.
* not even water. the restaurant where we paid through the nose ate dessert didn’t offer tap water and wouldn’t allow us to have our own bottles of water on the table.
* public transportation is very reliable.
* do not stay up all night doing laundry.


6 thoughts on “Germany, day 2

  1. I’m so sad that we missed you guys! If you come back through Germany, please let us know. We would love to see you! Looks like you are having a blast! I love looking at your pictures and seeing the excitement! They remind me how blessed we are to live here. ❤

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