Germany, Days 3 & 4

I don’t have any photos to post because I actually used my camera to snappy-snappy and I didn’t bring my cord. 😛

I will say this: when you originally plan a rail trip and the itinerary says 5 hrs, stick to that itinerary. When you get differing advice from rail system workers follow the advice that suits your itinerary.

We took a more expensive and faster train for one leg of our journey to Bavaria… It added 4 hours to our trip. The rail workers are not all accurate. The computers in the terminals are. Print your itinerary, make sure your ticket covers the routes and trains and

stick to your itinerary.

The kids have all done amazingly well. We’re staying with some wonderful friends who used to be our neighbors many, many duty stations ago. We’ve been treated to hospitality, local and homemade foods, a festival, shopping, and sightseeing. All without a train. All with friends! …and the kids have other kinder-kind to play with and they can run and be loud and just be kids. In Bavaria.

How cool is that?! 🙂

Tomorrow, we plan our trip to Italy.


Update: here are a few pictures of pictures…







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