Germany, Days 6 & 7


My friend Eugenia lives in the cutest village just outside of Parsberg, Germany. There are quirky sites around every corner. The pole^^^ is decorated for a 30th birthday party. 🙂

Eugenia’s family made us so very welcome into their home. The kids played and laughed and chased… after being cooped up in planes and trains, being able to enjoy other kids was just what they needed. When we left, there were many sad faces.

We’re Army friends, though. Army friends never ever say good-bye; we say “I’ll see you later.” and “Come sleep on my couch.” and “Come visit, I’ll cook for you.” and “Bring your kids!” and “When you get settled after PCSing…” Eugenia was my very first Army friend. She will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to see her again very, very soon.

Today we arrived in The Alps. I’ve only seen photos in school books and never dreamed I would get to see them up close.


The town of Garmisch is adorable and brimming with my two loves: coffee and baked goods.




^^^because there are flowers in every available space in Germany^^^



The back of our hotel room opens up to the foot of the mountains and we have the door open to let in the fresh air. And it is fresh! The air smells like clean and alive and cool and green. If we could bottle it, we’d all be gazillionaires.

Tomorrow: an Alpine breakfast and more trains. We’ll be in Venice, Italy by this time tomorrow! 🙂

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