Seasons Displaced

I really like the fall. Cooler mornings and evenings, pumpkin-scented candles, sweaters, and afternoons with deep shadows. The Autumn brings football and memories of crunchy leaves.

It also brings soccer practices, soccer games, school, homework, math tutors, Sunday school, alarm clocks, extra laundry, and the impending pressure of the holidays.

I wish the summer school breaks would shift to the right by about 6 weeks. School could go until late July, then let out for August, September, and some of October. We’d get to enjoy the cool, crisp morning breezes, relax in the deepening purple shadows of 1700. Back-to-School would mean sweaters and apples, instead of sweat and headaches.

I love summer’s sunshine and heat, but for all intents and purposes, people are grouchy. Tourists shell out money for cold water, locals are stinky and cramped. If everyone travelled in the fall, the scent of cinnamon would waft from store-fronts, couples would be cozily strolling…instead of screaming toddlers demanding another juice box while moms sweat into their purses.

Well…in my head that’s how it would be. Mostly, I am mourning the loss of family time. The husband is back to work, the kids are back to their crazy schedules, and all in time for perfect cuddle weather.

It seems a shame to waste Autumn on responsibilities.


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