Apparently, I Like Baseball & Shoes

I’m a football girl. I love to go to high school games on a chilly Friday night, sip hot chocolate, stomp the bleachers, clap for the band geeks during half-time, and scream with the cheerleaders “D! D! D! De-FENCE!” College games on TV mean snuggles on the couch, talking back to the announcers, and arm-chair quarter backing my face off. I don’t even really care who plays, I just want to watch football.

Last night my husband explained baseball as we watched the 5th game of the World Series. I had never understood the game, so I asked all sorts of things that most kids learn in PE.

That’s a Ball? But, isn’t it always a ball?
Why does that man behind the catcher wear those shoes?
How do the bat swingers (batters, I learned) even see that ball if it’s coming at them at 100mph?
Why is that man so hairy? He looks like Gimli.
How do the people way out there know where the ball is going?
What’s a home run? A foul? A 1st base coach?

By the 4th inning (inning=both sides get to bat!) I was hooked. When the Cardinals got a home run (home run= one point, not 6) I jumped and cheered, dumping my dozing son off my lap in the process. I began to talk to the TV.

Don’t swing at that!
Why don’t they put in a new pitcher? That man is so tired!
Look!! Gimli’s back! (Johnny Gomes)
Catch it! Catch it!
Don’t catch it! Sneeze! Blink! Don’t catch it!
Run! rUUuuuuuun FASTER!!!!!

So, yeah, I like baseball, I guess. I’m sort of pissed that I decided to care about the sport just in time to watch “my team” (I lived in Missouri for minute, so the Cardinals are, by default, my team) lose, though. BONUS to baseball? There are lots more games to their Super Bowl! They get up to 7! Also, thanks to the facial hair fashion the players are sporting, it’s super fun to name them after the dwarves from The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies. …no cheer leaders, though. Bummer.

Side note: headed out for interval training and I’m going to wear shoes that I haven’t worn since my first marathon in the OBX.


They have dried blood and blister juice around the edges, but I figure they deserve a second chance.

Happy Tuesday!


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