The Idiot Quilt Begins

I wasn’t really sure anyone would take me seriously when I offered to make quilts for the leaders of my dumb little club. David and Jon (and Ali!) do so much for us in the Idiot’s Running Club (IRC); some kind Idiot asked what we’d all like to do for the leaders (cases of Oreos? Old shoes? A race? TP their houses?) and I said I could make a quilt for them. Send me your t-shirts and material and fifty cents for supplies, I said. It’ll be great! I said.

Good thing I meant it because I got a box today!


Awesome! The quilts really will happen! 😀 I’ve heard from Idiots all over the place offering batting and squares and help. that’s why I love this club. Folks don’t really know me; I’ve only met 2 Idiots in real life, but we’ve got each other’s back, yo. Gonna head out in insane weather for a stupid-long (or short) run? Call an Idiot. Going on vacation and looking for a new fave course? There’s an Idiot in your AO.

Want to make some ridiculously large quilts pieced together from stranger/friends? Idiots will help. 🙂


So here’s to the beginning, to showing some serious Idiot love, and to making something amazing with the diversity of friendship.



8 thoughts on “The Idiot Quilt Begins

      1. Ok. I will get it out in the mail this weekend. I don’t know if I can part with old race shirts…but then it’s going to a good cause and to some awesome friends who would still appreciate it! I’ll find some old race shirts. You are one talented person. I can’t quilt to save my life. My sweet grandma before she passed tried to teach me to quilt and it’s just not in me. I admire those that do quilt. 🙂

  1. Sending my two 14″ log cabin blocks (with IRC in the center) to you on Tuesday. (I’d do it today or tomorrow, but the post office does not want you to overwork yourself any sooner!) Thank you for doing this! Wait, I need an address. Email me? (

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