It’s Raining Idiots! (Pt3)

Stacks and stacks of shirts and material are piling up around my sewing machine; the Idiot quilts will be epic thanks to our dumb little club’s generosity.


Today, I received two very special packages with quilt-goodies inside. The first came from Junie Balloonie and I got my very own flower!



I have been wanting one of these lovelies for a long time. Along with supplies for the quilts, Junie herself sent one just for me! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you!

The other package arrived all the way from Canada. I’ve never had mail from Canada before. As it happens, the package was delivered to the wrong address, and the person who brought it to me was quite indignant that a package proudly labeled “Idiot” was at his address. He also looked confused when I thanked him profusely and with much smiling about my face when I saw the package labeled “Idiot”.

His loss.

My poor postman. Heaven only knows what he thinks of all the Idiot packages. …of course, he delivered my package to a street that has 7 letters in its name while my street only has 4. So…you know…there’s that.

The package from Canada contained a very special shirt:


The Idiot who sent this shirt has an amazing and very personal connection with the Terry Fox run. I’m honored to be able to include this shirt in the quilts.

My fellow Idiots, we are well on our way to creating some fabulous, eclectic, and Idiotic quilts. More squares will be cut over the next few days and I’ll be using some of the money you’ve sent to purchase stabilizer. (Stabilizer is an iron-on backing which will keep the material from stretching and warping as it passes under the sewing machine. It’s like K-tape but for sewing.)

Hugs, Idiots! Happy running and keep the awesomesauce flowing.



3 thoughts on “It’s Raining Idiots! (Pt3)

  1. Hope I got the adress right on the one I just sent out! If not, the postman will know where to bring it. Right? :+)

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