IRC World (t-shirt) Domination, pt 4

I’m all caught up on square-making for today. I haven’t counted yet, but I know I’ve got a pant-load of squares.


The Idiot Quilt Begins

I’ve gotten packages from Canada, Germany, and all parts of the US. A generous Idiot from north of here sent the batting for the quilts; I may cuddle with that stuff, it’s awesome!

The amazing thing about all this is how generous Idiots are. I mean, yeah, there’s a few dollars in the packages (and some have sent mo’ money via paypal), however, I’m talking about the shirts. Shirts and medals are like gold to runners. Shirts are earned; earned in training miles and injuries and rain and races. I have a whole stack of blood, sweat, and tears. (Thankfully, the stack doesn’t actually smell like blood, sweat, and tears.) Idiots are awesome.

Keep sending your shirts and/or material! I’m gonna start the initial measurements for the sashing, etc, next weekend. Valentine’s Day is gonna have to be D-Day, though, to be sure I can get these bad boys done. I’ll post photos of receipts from my supply purchases when that happens (probably this weekend; stabilizer.) The biggest expense, since the batting was gifted, is going to be the shipping. Remember that all the money left over will be sent to David Murphy for his LLS fundraiser.

Cheers, Idiots!! Many happy miles to you!!



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