Idiot Quilt pt5, For Reals


The ironing of the stabilizer has begun.

Before that could happen, though, I had to seriously overhaul my work space. My sewing area had slowly been taken over by Pokemon books, bikes, and my photography equipment. After a few afternoons of thinning out junk and rearranging pretties, here’s my new Spot:


Also, I went shopping for supplies with some Idiot Money. I bought stabilizer, two half-yards of material, and ribbon. I mean just look at this stuff. If it doesn’t scream Idiot Kwilts!, I don’t know what does.


Hugs, Idiots!! You’ve got two more weeks to get material and/or shirts to me. Valentine’s Day is the last day, yo.



3 thoughts on “Idiot Quilt pt5, For Reals

  1. Yes, you’re truly an Idiot–and a wonderful one at that! Thank you again. I know how much hard work goes into t-shirt quilts (and I will never ever do one again), so I can truly appreciate the effort it takes.

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