Idiot Quilt, pt7

It’s been a hot minute since I updated my Idiot Homies on ye olde kwilt status. Honestly, there were 5 straight days wherein I did zero quilt work. Overnight shifts at work, Army stuff, and, I confess, a book.

Dracula by Bram Stoker. I’ve read it a gazillion times but I like van Helsing and the way he speaks. Once a book is started, it must be finished. It’s a rough life, choosing between quilting and reading.

Add in a few long-ish workouts, kid stuff, laundry…days get away. poof!

Here’s what my needle has been finishing tonight:


Tomorrow I’ll square up the last of the shirts I’ve received. Saturday begins the piecing, designing, and arranging.

Cheers, Idiots! Happy running!

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