Red Puke at Night

It’s midnight. The children are asleep , the house is dark, locked up tightly, and our two new sugar gliders are making more noise than orangutans in a drum shop. Honestly, the little bastards aren’t any bigger than my hand and they could drive a zombie to eat itself.

20 minutes ago the 5 year old had a coughing fit and puked up the red (!) Popsicle I’d given him to help his sore throat. Some water, a cracker, Tylenol and Benadryl = sleeping through the tiny marsupial mosh pit going on less than 2 yards away.

The dog is stressed about the new animals. She tries to sniff them and she gets a cursing that only a sugar glider can give. I can’t even describe the sound … It’s like … It’s like … Cicadas and nails on a chalkboard. She whines, either because she wants a giant wheel of her own or because she knows how grouchy I get if I don’t rest.
“Shut up!”, she moans, “Don’t you understand?! The Woman requires rest! You’re dooming us all!”

Adaptability is an interesting thing… Why haven’t these animals adapted to a day-time life? Don’t they know that nothing good happens after midnight?



We’re still trying to come up with names on which the whole family can agree. Their given names are Romeo and Juliett, but I don’t like that. I’m not sure a name will ever be finalized, as the cat we used to have ended up being called Panda Spider Rainbow Sparkles.

Top Contenders:
Todd and Todd
Boss Hog and Daisy Duke
Amy and Rory
Thing 1 and Thing 2
Little Bitey Meany Heads
Han and Leia


I hand fed them some blueberries earlier… Maybe blueberries are like meth to sugar gliders and that’s why they’re in their wheels, speeding their tiny little butts off. Maybe no more blueberries…

Wikipedia says they are “gliding opossums”. Fricking gliding opossums!! In my house! On purpose and everything! If that doesn’t sounds like the stuff of disturbed dreams, man, I don’t know…

Happy midnight and may all your mosh pits be marsupial mosh pits. …’cos they are the cutest mosh pits, after all…


Here’s an image from the web-er-net. It shows the glide-y-ness of the gliding opossum.


There has to be some sort of superhero quote for this…




2 thoughts on “Red Puke at Night

  1. There Sooo freakin cute!!! Remember we had some growing up and then didn’t u have one named, Tilly? I love all the names, everyone of them, that going to be a hard one lol! Sis, I love your blogs… I want to be a blogger like u when I grow up!! Lol 😉

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