Some more randomness in photos and drivel

This outfit is a big reason I started selling LuLaRoe: it makes me feel cute. Plus pockets. I’m so jazzed!! I’m taking my son to see Flogging Molly tomorrow! It’s his first concert and I think I’m way more excited than he is. It snowed here in SC. Weird. 

Word. All the words. 

I’m in big girl school! 

This owl picture…probably every kid born in the ’70’s has this picture. My friend Kebrina gave me this picture; I really wanted it because I remember it from my grandma’s house. ❤

This is from that time I wore a skirt as a top and played the cello for trick or treaters. …it was clearly a very dark time. 😉 

Halloween was fun last year.

Baseball season ❤⚾️

My husband’s promotion ceremony. I’m so in love with this man. 

So…there’s some stuff that I should have been blogging about but totally didn’t. 

I think next I’ll blog about my new workout. It sucks. You’ll love it. 😎


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