Swam Swum

This week, I have swum 3350 meters.

That means I swam a smidge over 2 miles.

I am, as my coach says, Swamished.



…which is why I may eat this entire chicken before bed tonight.


…the poor thing. The poor, delicious, salty, herb-scented thing…

I did swim, I have swum, I swam.

There’s your free grammar lesson. Go forth, wise reader, and enjoy your grammatically correct weekend. 🙂


On Food and Fevers

I’d say I’m sick as a dog, but I don’t want to insult my dog. Pukey. Fever. Weak. Sore throat.

Having a husband who’s in medicine and an awesome coach who doesn’t pull any punches can come in handy.
Being told that I’m responsible for my own illness does not feel handy. It feels like, “Oh, yeah? Well. You’re not the boss of me!”

It seems I am not eating enough to sustain my training, strength, and immune system. Swimming, biking, running, lifting…it requires calories. I know that I am using more calories than I’m taking in because I am losing fat. (Fat, not weight. The scale hasn’t move but my drawers are falling off.) Losing fat is good…sacrificing vitamins is not good.

Also, I know that the type of food I eat isn’t necessarily bad, but I know that I could swap some white carbs for fruit or veg. A few months ago, I made a point to eat lots of blueberries, kale, and beets; I was feeling stellar! Now…well…I ate an apple today for the first time since…um…

Yeah, I need more fruit.

I didn’t notice I wasn’t eating enough because I don’t go to bed hungry. Half a peanut butter sandwich (no jelly) and a glass of milk fills me up nicely for a couple of hours. The trouble is, by the end of a really long day filled with housework and workouts, I will have had 2 eggs, a cup of coffee, half a sandwich, some chicken, and a few vegetables. I need to eat more quality calories.

(Honestly, though, if I could have some cake, I might die of happiness. Or sugar toxicity. Same thing.)

I like smoothies, but I don’t like protein powder (chemical poo-storms). Beets taste like dirt, thus requiring at least one banana to mask the flavor. (side note: how do you successfully roast beets??) Greek yogurt and almonds are my favorites, along with mangos and avocados. Food is so expensive, though…I feel like the good stuff should go to the kids.

((sigh))… I want to successfully complete a triathlon. I have to train to do that. I have to eat to do that. Having a superpower such as filter-feeding or photosynthesis would be convenient on a long bike ride, but since mitosis doesn’t work well for the human machine, I’ll have to actually ingest proper food.

I’ll eat tomorrow. Right now, I’m going back to bed. I shall dream of cake.