Team Fisher House

Howdy, there! As you know, after much agonizing and belly aching I’ve signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon this fall. I’ve also signed up to be a charity partner with Team Fisher House. (and for those of you marathon “purists” out there: I secured my race bib first and then signed up for Team Fisher House.)

Please find this link to my fundraising page. For those of you who have a blog of your own, I’d sure appreciate a shout-out or a spot in your widgets! Thanks! (not to lay the guilt on too thick or anything, but today is my birthday and you could totally give me an awesome gift my donating on my page…)

here’s the whole link to make it easier to copy and paste:

Bataan is just a couple of weeks away…yikes! and also squeeeeeeee! and then dooooooooood! but mostly squeeeeeeeeee!!!


In Which I Blush

I’ve blogged about this photo before, so its really not new. I added a watermark, though…see it down there all cute and whatnot in the left lower corner?

Wanna know why there’s a watermark there now???
(jumps up and down in excited, pee-pee dance fashion)

Because the soldier in this photo, Shane, saw this on my Flickr stream and said it was his favorite photo of himself that he’s seen yet! And he would like to make copies for his family! AAAA!!! Yay!

(no, I’m not charging him.)

I cannot think of a greater compliment than to have the subject of a photograph say such a wonderful thing. Thank you, Shane! for the compliment!  Thank you, Cordell, for the watermark design!  Thank you, Thomas Family, for the tour of Arlington!  Thank you, Kim, for twisting my arm really, really, really hard to convince me to actually put the darned thing on the photo!  Thank you, Hubby, for the camera!  Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, all around, thanks!