My Blue Heaven

For most of my adult life, my Summers have had a color. The clothes I wear, the accessories, etc… The Pink Summer was the year my daughter was born. The Orange was a terrible summer; lots of personal shite that will never be repeated. (included in that shite were orange Nike Shox. I shudder to remember the shin splints and hideous shorts that went with those shoes…) The Yellow Summer followed Orange and it was one of the best: I ran my first 10 mile race and we took an epic, renewing family vacation.

…from the Green Summer:


I’ve noticed that for the past couple of years, a lot of my things have been blue:




…and since I’ve been a relatively happy person lately…



…perhaps blue is my Happy Color.




…smug sawfish is smug:


Lots of travel blogs recommend packing various bits of clothing in similar colors so as to vary your outfits with just a few items.


I think this will be another Blue Summer and I think it will be wonderful. 🙂


…especially if I add these lovelies to my collection:


((le sigh))


Big Ears

My coach gave me a biking assignment for today: warm up for 10-15 minutes, then find the bigger gears and ride on a relatively flat course, staying in heart rate zone 3 for 30-40 minutes (lower RPM), then cool down.

Big. Gears.

My whole life, when listening to anything bike-related, I thought folks were saying “big ears”. Imagine my confusion…

“The big ears will really help you on those down-hills.”

“Big ears will get you further with few cranks, but more sweat.”

“Big ears will really build your quads and glutes.”


Alas, constant reader, Big Ears won’t get you any of those things. Not even entry into The Tour de France. Big gears? Well…big gears will get you sweat and traction and sore glutes and sore quads. Big gears are the bicycle’s answer to The Dream Where You Run and Run and Run and You’ve Got Jello Legs. (not The Naked in the Hallway in High School Dream, though…that one’s just awful…)

Today I found that my bike (Trek Lexa…entry level road bike…on sale…hoping for a Sweet Pea someday!) has seriously big gears.



‘bigearz’… enunciation is super important, inn’it?