Some more randomness in photos and drivel

This outfit is a big reason I started selling LuLaRoe: it makes me feel cute. Plus pockets. I’m so jazzed!! I’m taking my son to see Flogging Molly tomorrow! It’s his first concert and I think I’m way more excited than he is. It snowed here in SC. Weird. 

Word. All the words. 

I’m in big girl school! 

This owl picture…probably every kid born in the ’70’s has this picture. My friend Kebrina gave me this picture; I really wanted it because I remember it from my grandma’s house. ❤

This is from that time I wore a skirt as a top and played the cello for trick or treaters. …it was clearly a very dark time. 😉 

Halloween was fun last year.

Baseball season ❤⚾️

My husband’s promotion ceremony. I’m so in love with this man. 

So…there’s some stuff that I should have been blogging about but totally didn’t. 

I think next I’ll blog about my new workout. It sucks. You’ll love it. 😎


Seasons Displaced

I really like the fall. Cooler mornings and evenings, pumpkin-scented candles, sweaters, and afternoons with deep shadows. The Autumn brings football and memories of crunchy leaves.

It also brings soccer practices, soccer games, school, homework, math tutors, Sunday school, alarm clocks, extra laundry, and the impending pressure of the holidays.

I wish the summer school breaks would shift to the right by about 6 weeks. School could go until late July, then let out for August, September, and some of October. We’d get to enjoy the cool, crisp morning breezes, relax in the deepening purple shadows of 1700. Back-to-School would mean sweaters and apples, instead of sweat and headaches.

I love summer’s sunshine and heat, but for all intents and purposes, people are grouchy. Tourists shell out money for cold water, locals are stinky and cramped. If everyone travelled in the fall, the scent of cinnamon would waft from store-fronts, couples would be cozily strolling…instead of screaming toddlers demanding another juice box while moms sweat into their purses.

Well…in my head that’s how it would be. Mostly, I am mourning the loss of family time. The husband is back to work, the kids are back to their crazy schedules, and all in time for perfect cuddle weather.

It seems a shame to waste Autumn on responsibilities.


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Happy Early Birthday and an Idea

The Love of My Life gave me an early birthday present today!


I’m super excited!! I really like Thomas Keller’s books and the style in which he explains his recipes.

My idea: this coming week, I’ll make a different dish of Mr Keller’s for dinner each night, accompanied by a dessert.

Also, I’ll need to run about 4,000 miles to avoid the resulting weight gain; my other idea is to run two miles every other day, three miles on the off days, and do a long trail run next weekend (we’ll be traveling…this could prove tricky).

I signed up for my very first trail race! Because I’m a reasonable girl, I made sure to make my first trail race a manageable distance: a half marathon. 🙂 (There needs to be a sarcasm font for that last sentence.) The Owl’s Roost

Here’s to a week of fun cooking and running! 🙂


Candy Cane Pancakes

I love it when The Husband gets in the kitchen. He comes up with the most amazing, fun recipes; this one is another of his creations. It’s Christmas on a plate…it’s childhood with sugar…it’s Christmas Break on a fork. I recommend a tall glass of milk and “A Christmas Story” be paired with this meal. Go forth and be happy…this recipe can help with that.

Follow the recipe for your favorite pancakes, either from a mix or scratch, as the base for this little project. To that base, add the following:

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp peppermint extract

3 peppermint candy canes, smashed with a mortar and pestle

Combine all the ingredients well (making sure the candy cane crumbs don’t bunch up…you can toss them with some powdered sugar to help prevent clumping), and prepare the pancakes per your recipe’s instructions.

Top with powdered sugar, or make a candy topping with melted white chocolate.

powdered sugar. YUM

The awesome things about this recipe:

The pancakes are warm from cooking, but they taste cool because of the peppermint. Also, depending on how finely you smoosh the candy canes, you’ll get little bits of candy stuck in your teeth. Candy for breakfast…

Christmas rocks.

Army/Navy Game

I don’t know exactly why I love the Army/Navy football game so much.

For that matter, I don’t know why it’s not called the Navy/Army game…

Today was one of the best days of my life. We started out with a parade in which Boy #1 marched with his Cub Scouts through downtown. Then, we watched the first half of The Game at the sports bar on post. I got to meet two retired Senior Chief Petty Officers who were the only other souls cheering for Navy with me. Then we dropped the kids off with the World’s Most Awesome Babysitter (they love their Miss Emily and begged to go) then went to dinner at the home of my husband’s boss. I got to finish watching The Game with some of the most amazing and fun people on Earth.

So there I was, in the living room of an Army LTC, wearing my Navy shirt, watching Navy earn another victory. My friends and I were laughing, joking, enjoying just being together…I can’t describe the joy I felt. Army/Navy game day is a holy day for me…and we were together. For this night, this one shared game, we were safe. Comfortable. Happy.

Football has always been special. My dad is a Cowboys fan and I learned early on that when da boyz are playing, not much else matters. I’d watch football with my dad, not so much because I liked it, but because I wanted to share a few moments with him. Friday night football games at high school were about friends, the thunder of drum beats, and yelling so loudly I thought my ears would burst. I grew to love the bright lights and dark skies of high school football games as much for what went on around the field as on it.

Now…now my kids know that Army/Navy game day is about time with family and friends, food, and laughter. We joke and we cheer and stand for the National Anthem and I cry during the commercials. My kids know that this game, this one game means something. And it means something as much for what goes on around the field as on it.

I’m so grateful for all the smiling faces that I saw on this Army/Navy Game Day.


1st Day of Advent

Today’s reading is GEN 1: 24-28. The ornament is “the world”. 🙂

Happy Advent!


Tomorrow’s reading is GEN 3:1-24 and the ornament is “the snake and the apple”.

I hope to post all the readings through Advent, but…well…anyway, here’s hoping. 🙂 For something a little different, you can view my latest photography session here.

The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Tomorrow is my 11 year wedding anniversary.  That’s right.  There is a saintly soul out there who’s put up with me for more than a decade.  I am under no delusions: I know I don’t deserve him.  He is patient, kind, smart, and brave. I…well…I swear at spiders and politicians.

In 1998, I was a secretary in the Nursing Administration office of a civilian hospital back home.  I was working two or three jobs at the time, plus going to school.  He was a Graduate Nurse, working “upstairs”.  He had to come into my office because his paycheck was wrong; our first meeting went something like this:

1) door opens. I look up.

2) we make eye contact. He smiles. I smile.

3) angels sing. sparkles light up the room. CareBears whoosh by on MyLittlePonies. The Monty Python troupe waves.

4) I have no idea what I said. He leaves. I break my neck watching him walk away as the door slowly closes.

5) He looked back! He smiled again!

He was, and still is, the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

And he had a JOB!

I asked my boss about him, he asked his boss about me. I committed a felony and looked up his personal information in the hospital database and left a message for him at his home. He called me back.  The subsequent conversation went like this:

“Hi, this is J**. I’m returning a phone call.”

“Hi.  I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m A** from the Nursing Office.”

“Yes. I remember you.”

“Well, I think you’re hot and I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime.”

…insert silence here while I scrunched my eyes and crossed my fingers and held my breath and calculated how long it would take me to dump my current boyfriend…

“Yeah, okay. I’d like that.”


That led to three hour phone calls at all hours of the night, dates at Barnes & Noble, dancing on the tables at Sun Deckers in St. Louis, trips to Miami, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, and the emergency department (that’s another story). It led to camping trips and roller blades and running shoes and too much coffee. It led to a ring, a dress, “I Do!”, “It’s a girl!”, “It’s a boy!”, “It’s another boy!”. It led to the ocean, the mountains, and more laughs than I can count. It led to another mom and dad who loves me, another brother and sister who tolerate me reasonably well, Christmas trees, C-130’s, British comedies, and a dog.

We’ve had our rough patches, yeah. There’ve been miscarriages and disagreements and bad perms and that time I let my little brother paint the living room. We’ve loved each other through tired, cranky, fat, broke, burnt food, crappy vehicles, crazy relatives, dead relatives, and geographic separations. He’s been my cheer leader for races that I really had no business running. It’s been a crazy, wonderful, unexpected, ever-growing, some-times-I’m-a-total-chick-and-I’m-sorry, joyous, what-the-heck-is-that-under-the-boy’s-bed?, lovely eleven years. In fact, they’re the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen…

…I can’t wait to see the next eleven-ty twelve years.

I love you, honey. You’ll always by my SuperMan.

(thank you, Kim, for the photo that never ceases to make me smile…)