Bullet journal: awesome things & mistakes

I started a bullet journal this year. I don’t know that I needed one, but I’ve got an unnatural affinity for notebooks and pens; when I came across this style of journaling, I started obsessing.

One neat aspect of journaling this way is that the pages aren’t always in order. Calendar pages are filled in only a few weeks in advance and the pages in between are created on an as needed basis. I like this; it flows with life as it happens.

I decided I wanted to keep one journal for the entirety of our stay here in South Carolina. This meant I had to find a book with enough pages and enough large space to accommodate a lot of writing/doodling. I landed on a Moleskein soft cover, grid patterned book. So far, I’m very glad I chose it.

It’s only been a few months, though, so there’s still time for regret….
I got most of my ideas from Pinterest or other web spots. I’d read somewhere that having various overviews of time was important for long term planning, so here ^^^ is my Periodic Table inspired calendar for several years…
And this one ^^^ is just 2017 (with the list of birthdays blocked). I’ll create one for 2018/9 later. The facing page is part of my Nerd Planning for school. …more on that in a minute…
Here’s the first month. I was still trying to figure out what I was doing. Also, see the impression bleeding through the facing page? Yeah. This happens a lot because 1) I press too hard when I draw/write, 2) I didn’t use the $pecial pens fancy bullet journalists use, and 3) this book isn’t really meant for what I’m using it for. The bleeding through doesn’t bother me all the time, but sometimes I feel salty about it.
Here’s what is bleeding through…

These are my favorite pages so far. This is my Ultimate Nerd Plan for graduation. Each class has its own benzene ring. When I register for the class, I color the border. When I finish the class, I turn them into flowers. My hope is that by graduation, I will have two pages of beautiful, completed classes. …also, a degree.

In February, I sort of figured out what I was doing with the book.

This is my bill/expense tracker to help me remember to do adult things. Like pay bills and stay on budget.

Assignment Pages the First. This is a lifesaving set of pages. I used the syllabus from each class to list assignments and marked them off as they’re completed. As these pages are filled, I will absolutely be making more.

More Nerd Planning. This was helpful when I met with my advisor.

This month’s calendar. I have learned that I prefer my calendar’s not like this because I have to turn the book.ย Two examples of class pages. Each class gets a page.

I like the calendar pages like this much better.

See the bleeding through? Yeah…ย 

This is what’s bleeding through: my new workout page. (Side note: Wonder Woman is my home girl. I want to be her when I grow up.)

Miscellaneous goal setting pages…

And my Graduation with Leadership Distinction (Research) pages. This will end up being a massive two to four semester research activity so more pages will be devoted to this later.

I counted the number of classes and months and determined this book will more than accommodate my needs. Some people use a page a week and use a new book every year. I like the idea of that, but I’m so ridiculously happy to be in school right now that wanted to keep all of my classes with me all the time. Because Nerd.

My stamps came from We the Sciencey on Etsy. Check ’em out.

How do you journal? I’d love some inspiration!



Swam Swum

This week, I have swum 3350 meters.

That means I swam a smidge over 2 miles.

I am, as my coach says, Swamished.



…which is why I may eat this entire chicken before bed tonight.


…the poor thing. The poor, delicious, salty, herb-scented thing…

I did swim, I have swum, I swam.

There’s your free grammar lesson. Go forth, wise reader, and enjoy your grammatically correct weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Little Weasel Guy

while watching Pride & Prejudice

“Is this the movie with the little weasel guy?”

“Which one is he? There’s a couple of weasel guys.”

“Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins is a weasel guy because he thinks he’s soooo smart, but really he just talks too much. Mr. Wickham isn’t a weasel. He’s a lying jokester. I think Mr. Wickham wears makeup.”


“Well, yeah. I mean…look at him.”

a conversation with my 7 year old son

Dear Jane Austen,

Good on you for thinking up characters so memorable to a first grader that neither guns, masks, nor violent explosions are required.

An Ardent Admirer

(my boys…plotting fields of fire against hordes of invading zombies…)

Frowny Face

I don’t feel like blogging.


I have absolutely no shred of joy to share with the universe at the moment.


…and since I have nothing nice to say, and I have to go find my Big Girl Panties as I’ve told countless others to do, and since the clock is conspiring against me, and since you were kind enough to stop by, I’ll leave you with this:


…and also this:


Okay, last one:


I’m gonna wash my hair and go to bed. Namaste, home skillets. …tomorrow has the potential to be all sorts of fabulous.

And by fabulous, I mean totally crappy.


Update on Christmas Goals

Well, I’ve already failed at posting the Advent Readings every day, so here are a few for the upcoming days and a review of what’s already passed:

1) Sunday

GEN 1:24-28 (globe)

2) Monday

GEN 3:1-24 (snake and apples)

3)Tuesday (yesterday)

GEN 6:11-22, 8:6-12, 9:11-17 (rainbow)

4)Wednesday (today)

GEN 12:1-7, 13:2-18, 18:1 (camel)

5) Thursday (tomorrow)

GEN 18:1-15; 21:1-7 (baby)

6) Friday

GEN 22:1-14 (ram)

7) Saturday

GEN 27:41-28:22 (ladder)

As to the other goals, I’m doing much better. ๐Ÿ™‚


1) I’ve signed up for a 5k in December. This meets the goal I set to sign up for a Christmastime 5k. Ryan’s Reindeer Run benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; also, we’ll get antlers. Amazeballz!

2) Nike+ Women’s Half-Marathon in January, 2012 and the Bataan Memorial Death March in March, 2012. These two races fulfill the goal I set to sign up for two big races for next year, however, the other two races I’d really like to do are the Flying Pirate Half-Marathon in April and (of course..as always..no surprise here) the Marine Corps Marathon in October.

a) the Nike+ Women’s Half Marathon Benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

b) for the Bataan Memorial Death March (BMDM), I’ve signed up for the the 26.2 mile Heavy Division. What this means: I will carry a backpack that weighs no less than 35#. That 35# will consist of kids’ lunch boxes filled with dried food stuffs (beans, rice, etc.); these lunch boxes will be given to the hungry children of New Mexico.

c) if you’d like to support these causes, that would be great. Here’s a link to the
LLS. If you’d like to sponsor a kid’s lunch box, please donate $5 to the Fisher House. eMail me your receipt (yerttography@gmail.com) and I’ll personally match your donation by purchasing the lunch box and filling it with the food. …also, by carrying it on my back for 26.2 miles of mountainous, sandy terrain and having it weighed at the finish line.

d) what this means: three charities will be helped out here; LLS, Fisher House, and the local food pantry at White Sands Missile Range, NM. It also means that you get to feel like awesome-sauce for making a difference in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

e) blogging buddies: if you link to this page and help me spread the word about my charity deal-ios, I’ll link back to you, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fair’s Fair! You scratch my back, I’ll pick your nose! Tit for t… you get the idea.


I’ve done yoga once so far this week, attended zumba yesterday, and am going for a run tonight. I’ll do yoga before bed to stretch, am going to zumba again tomorrow, and will do yoga tomorrow night before bed. This will meet my goal of doing yoga three times for this week.


I haven’t weighed in yet for this week. Wish me luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re in the mood to win something, pop on over to my blogging buddy Dacia‘s site and enter to win her contest. It’s a super easy entry and you get to pick your prize!

Squidward & Patrick say 'hello'

I hope everyone is having a wonderful first week of Advent! Cheers!