Happy Friday, Good Hunting

Happy Friday, Good Hunting

Happy ice cream and laughter, happy movie
Happy pizza and napping, happy park!
Happy sunshine and pony tails, happy hug,
Happy cartoons and kisses, happy run…
Happy Friday!

(good aiming and breathing, good sights
good trigger weight and targeting, good stance
good cover and water, good dog
good boots and knife, good wire,
good zombie hunting!)

Stay Smart. Stay Safe. Stay Non-Zombie.


and Now for Something Completely Different

and Now for Something Completely Different

My tomatoes (-tos? toes? yes. Toes.) are lovely!  I realize that growing tomatoes isn’t exactly news-worthy, but if you know me, you know that I kill plants.  I am a serial killer of all things green.  …so when I not only don’t kill something, but take care of it enough that it feels safe in trying to replicate itself by producing seeds/fruit…well…that would be like …like…

…like me NOT killing a plant!

Perhaps this post should be titled: “In Which I Brag About Something Stupid.”

But its so NOT stupid!  Because I didn’t kill a plant!  and now I get to eat it!

-wait. …uh…

Well, anyway, here is photographic evidence that my serial plant-killing days are currently on pause.

We’re having bruschetta tonight! (pause for Pee-Wee Herman dancing…)

Green Stuff

Green Stuff

Here are a few green things around the house, all in my containers. There are some things not pictured, like my lettuce and some herbs. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! …and don’t forget to make a donation to Red Cross…they’re helping out in Joplin, Missouri.

lavender...grind some of this up with your large-grained, organic sugar and sprinkle over cookies or scones. yumm-o!
thyme flowers...I didn't realize thyme had flowers, but apparently, it happens in the SpringThyme. ha! get it?! "A-hahaha! Frenchy, you're so funny!" "LT Steve! You're so funny, too!"...I love a good polka as much as the next man.

Fair Trade



So…today I discovered 12 little baby green tomatoes!

I also discovered that I’ve forgotten the code to my super-dear bike lock for my Betty of a bike.

…I’ll give you a dozen ‘maters for a 4 digit combo…

…and in other news, I’ve lost five pounds as well as my patience and ability to withstand the glaring presence of Hershey bars with almonds. Somebody hand me some nachos and a SlimFast. STAT.

First Little Strawberries

First Little Strawberries

We had some excitement in our house this morning: we noticed the first ever, ever, ever bright red strawberry in our container garden. This inspired my oldest son to proclaim, “We have the best garden ever.”

**swoon** 🙂

No, this is not Photoshopped or doctored or edited, except for the cropping. I used a 50mm 1:2 macro Zuiko lens and shot in RAW. I developed it in Olympus Master 2 software, the stuff that came with my camera. Easy peasey, goffer greasey. …I hate Photoshop.